Capital Smart City is designed in districts by the designers. It comprises 15 districts namely:

  • • Gate Precinct
  • • Panda District
  • • Aviation District
  • • Crystal Lake
  • • Healthcare District
  • • Lake View Terrace
  • • Capital Hills
  • • Financial Square
  • • Education District
  • • The Terraces
  • • Overseas District 1
  • • Cultural Heritage
  • • Executive Block
  • • Sports District
  • • Hills View Heights

Gate Precinct:

It is the entrance gate of Capital Smart City. This district comprises top-class hotels with a great and luxurious interior. It also has high-class multipurpose buildings and residential blocks. This district gives direct access to Panda Mart and Panda District. It has 5-star hotels, offices, services apartments, pavilion 200 outlets, mosques, recreational parks, educational institutes, apartments, commercial shops, etc.

Panda District:

This district is located near the CPEC route on the eastern side. It is near the new Islamabad Airport. Panda District will be based more on Chinese culture. It will be the biggest trading hub in South Asia for Chinese products. There will be a ‘Panda Mart’ too which will be the first Chinese-themed mall in Pakistan. This mall will have 2000 plus retailers. It will also have 300 plus warehouses which will be supported by a logistics program. Panda district comprises parking space for 3500 cars, 1000 residential apartments, mosque, a mall which will be 1.2 Km long with 2500 plus retail shops, community club, and truck service area. It is also designed carefully and has proper green belts to enhance beauty.

Aviation District:

The aviation district comprises technology and hospitality for the aviation sector. It is designed to be a center of different programs. It comprises an expo center, flight kitchen, airline services, airport restaurant, technology park, and business districts.

Crystal Lake:

The residents of crystal lake will have a high-class living experience with all the luxuries one can dream of. This district will have excellent architecture, outclass interiors, fountains, and lakes. It will not only have hotels, restaurants, apartments, and cafes but also it will have I.T hub and Media Hubs

Healthcare District:

The Healthcare districts will comprise top-notch health care facilities. It will have hospitals and dispensaries with highly qualified staff and doctors. The developers gave special attention to this sector as it will be beneficial in keeping the community safe and healthy. This district will give easy access to the patients for their treatment. The hospitals of this district will have 500 plus beds for patients and 750 plus teaching beds. This health care district will also have some green belts, parks, cafes, etc.

Lake View Terrace:

Lake View Terrace is one of the renowned places of the Capital Smart City. It exists at the waterfront so it gives breathtaking views. Lake View Terrace will also provide a serene and vibrant environment to the residents. It will be one of the best places to enjoy natural views as it will also provide lake-side cafes.

Capital Hills:

Capital Hills is one of the best areas of Capital Smart City. This place has a serene environment because of the Golf course and Equestrian Club. It will also have villas that will be in tranquility and serenity. There will be an 18-hole Golf Course by Harradine Golf.

Financial Square:

Financial Square will be one of the biggest financial squares as it will give many business and trade opportunities because of CPEC Tower in it. It will have two BRT stations and also it will be near the Islamabad International Airport. Financial Square will also have Pakistan Financial center and Qatar Financial center.

Education District:

The education district of Capital Smart City will have all the facilities related to the education that one can dream of. It will have schools, colleges, and two universities with highly qualified teaching staff. This district will give better exposure to students to enhance their learning experience. Most important, it will have a vocational center to polish and groom the skills of the residents. Moreover, it will have a research center too which makes this district even more important.

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Capital Smart City, Overseas Prime Block

Development In Progress

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